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Advisory Services

Seasoned and strategic advisors to help you navigate the complexities of the regulatory landscape.

Independent Audits/ Assessments

Due Diligence

Vendor Oversight

Quality Program Design

Quality Testing

Outsourced Compliance, Quality and Risk

Change of Law

Litigation Management

Policies & Procedures


Complaint Management

Change Management

Exam Management

KRI/KPI Design

Control Reports

CMS/GRC Automation

ROI Assessments

Pre- and Post- Closing Integration Strategies

Audit/Exam Responses

Knowledge Management

Best Practices

Coaching and Leadership

Organizational Structure

Project Management

Audit/Exam Responses

Consent Order/ MOU Compliance


Custom Staffing Solutions: As an advisory services firm, we know the talent needed to be successful in highly regulated industries.

Third Party Solutions

Leveraging relationships to introduce opportunities to, and expand solutions for, our clients.

HomeFree USA

Home Free USA

HomeFree-USA exists to improve the financial stature and homeownership opportunities for people of color and all communities across America. With a network that serves over 6.3 million LMI families,  HomeFree-USA partners with financial services and government leaders to create new homebuyers, sustainable homeowners,  affordable housing, and opportunities for hundreds of small business affiliates nationwide.

Center for Financial Advancement

Center for Financial Advancement

HomeFree-USA’s Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) is a first-of-its-kind financial skills-building and professional development program currently hosted at 14 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The Center for Financial Advancement® (CFA) provides transformative leadership and professional development for students and supplies our industry partners with a solid pipeline of performance driven, career ready, competitive, and financially sound young professionals who are equipped to hold executive roles within corporate America.

Red Marker - AI Marketing Compliance

Red Marker

Red Marker uses custom trained, proprietary AI and automation to remove the manual work behind legal reviews of marketing, identifying legal and brand risk in documents and on websites, and providing suggested changes to remove risks.

Leveraging intelligent technology to transform the legal review process from manual to automatic, Red Marker empowers legal teams to increase the speed and efficiency of marketing content reviews and ensures consistent compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.